Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tips to using an Electric Cigarette

The e-cigarette is actually a more pleasant experience than a tobacco smoke when used properly. Follow these tips to ensure a satisfying experience.

-Always make sure you use a fully charged battery

-Use plenty of smoke juice (but don’t overfill)

-Have more than one on hand at all times (in case one runs out of juice or the battery goes low or dead)

-Start a new juice cartridge with a few quick puffs (to get the juices rolling)

-Take long slow drags

-If and when it begins to lose flavor or taste a little burnt, re-fill or change the juice cartridge

-When the e-cigarette begins to produce less smoke vapor, charge the battery
I actually have four e-cigarettes myself. I keep two on hand with me every day, and two on chargers. That way, I always have a backup of fully charged electric cigarettes. Then I refill all the cartridges every other day (takes me 2 minutes).