Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tips to using an Electric Cigarette

The e-cigarette is actually a more pleasant experience than a tobacco smoke when used properly. Follow these tips to ensure a satisfying experience.

-Always make sure you use a fully charged battery

-Use plenty of smoke juice (but don’t overfill)

-Have more than one on hand at all times (in case one runs out of juice or the battery goes low or dead)

-Start a new juice cartridge with a few quick puffs (to get the juices rolling)

-Take long slow drags

-If and when it begins to lose flavor or taste a little burnt, re-fill or change the juice cartridge

-When the e-cigarette begins to produce less smoke vapor, charge the battery
I actually have four e-cigarettes myself. I keep two on hand with me every day, and two on chargers. That way, I always have a backup of fully charged electric cigarettes. Then I refill all the cartridges every other day (takes me 2 minutes).


  1. I think an electronic cigarette invention is the safest alternative smoking product on the market. Our generation is surely heading towards a better future by accepting an electronic cigarette to replace a traditional hazardeous tobacco smoking. I now choose electronic cigarette harmless vaping rather than smoking dangerous cigarettes which will harm me & the environment. Amazing invention!!! :)

  2. Definitely something to think about, especially after smoking 23 years.....the older we get the worse our lungs get.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful tips there. Although it seems that it doesn't help you stop smoking at all huh? Just lets you smoke hassle free and carcinogen free. That in itself is still good news though. e cigarettes have really revolutionized the nicotine replacement industry.

  4. These are pretty nice tips that can definitely help those first time users! Thanks for the share.
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  5. Nice post. Because e-cigarette do not involve tobacco, you can legally smoke them anywhere. Thanks for sharing some tips regarding the use of an electronic cigarette.